County council flood update

Worcestershire Silver Tactical Coordinating group met this morning (February 16) with regard to the current situation with the flooding across the county.
A number of agencies are involved, but notably The Environment Agency, Worcestershire County and District Councils, Public Health England, Worcestershire Health and Care Trust, Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue, West Midlands Ambulance Service and West Mercia Police.
Worcestershire has contingency flood plans in place and it is the task of this group to make decisions and activate the appropriate aspects of these plans. Advice and the most up to date position available can be found on each of the agencies websites. Members of the public are encouraged to look at and follow this advice.
Speaking on behalf of the group, Superintendent Kevin Purcell, Silver Group Chair, said: "Since last weekend, when we saw the flooding beginning to impact here, the residents of Worcestershire have been pulling together and helping each other out along with supporting their local businesses.
"Through the different agencies involved we too have been working as a team to keep people safe and the County moving and I would personally like to thank all of those involved so far.
"We have seen some great successes including the Military shuttle truck operation in Upton-upon-Severn and the County Council putting in place solutions to keep the traffic moving across the bridge in Worcester City Centre.
"Current information from the Environment Agency shows river levels now not going back up to the peaks we have seen over recent days, albeit they may take a while to go back to the levels we normally see at this time of the year. With this in mind, we are looking to get the Worcester City Centre bridge fully open for Monday morning along with a number of other roads in the city centre .
"The Upton "Express" as it is becoming affectionately known will remain in place into early next week, until it is safe to pass without military assistance. Due to the danger of a serious traffic accident if Bewdley Bridge reopened whilst the barriers are in situ, that bridge will remain closed until the water level drops to one where there is no threat to properties and then the barriers will come down and the bridge will reopen.
We as a multi-agency team will continue to monitor the, what now appears to be, slowly improving situation very closely and will continue to keep you updated."