Find out more about becoming a councillor

MHDC have recently uploaded new videos on their YouTube channel to attract more people to step forward as candidates for the elections in May.

Four councillors feature n the video - talking about their experiences to help encourage more people to step forward as candidates for the May 2015 elections.

Cllr. David Hughes, Leader of MHDC said "The 2015 elections in May include not just a general election, but also district and parish/town elections on the same day. It is even more important therefore that we encourage people to come forward to stand for the local government elections to ensure there is good representation throughout our communities. We hope that this slightly different approach of seeing & hearing some of the existing councillors talk of their experiences will provide anybody considering standing with a little more encouragement than can be achieved by the printed word alone."

The videos provide a brief overview on what sort of work councillors do within their communities as councillors.

If you think you or someone you know may be interested in becoming a councillor then go to MHDCs website to find the videos and more information on becoming a councillor.

It's also a useful time to remind people to register to vote more information available at