No plans to sell off Council House

Malvern Hills District Council has no plans to sell or move out of the Council House in Malvern.

The council has moved to clarify its position following media reports based on a statement from the Malvern For All group that the Council House, in Avenue Road, could be sold off and become a new national radar museum.

The statement also suggests the Council House has been listed as an Asset of Community Value by Malvern Civic Society, meaning if it was ever put up for sale a community based organisation would have six months to put a bid together before any other offers could be considered. However this was rejected by the council earlier this year as it did not meet the criteria for listing set out by law.

Cllr Phil Grove, Leader of Malvern Hills District Council, said: "The information in this statement is completely inaccurate and was made without even proposing or discussing the idea with us.

"We are looking at our property portfolio to see if there are savings or efficiencies which can be made but the sale of the Council House does not form part of those plans.

"While we support the idea of a national radar museum in Malvern, where radar was developed, Malvern Hills District Council will not be selling the Council House, relocating staff out of the Council House or moving out of Malvern Town Centre. We wish Malvern For All luck with finding an alternative location for their proposed venture."