Review of polling districts and polling places

Malvern Hills District Council is currently undertaking a review of all polling districts and places and welcomes the public's comments and views on current and proposed arrangements. 

The review is a statutory requirement according to Section 18 of the Representation of the People Act 1983. It is undertaken at least every four years and does not affect ward boundaries. The review is carried out to make sure that polling stations are fit for purpose and take into account issues such as disabled access and general location.
Any voter within the district, or within the parliamentary constituency, may propose changes to existing or proposed arrangements and should if possible suggest alternative solutions if they are not happy with existing ones.
Quote from Cllr David Hughes, MHDC Leader – "This review is an important opportunity for members of the public to give their views on the location and suitability of polling stations."
Details of current polling districts and polling places in each ward can be found on our website at This includes details of specific issues on which we would particularly welcome comments. Any suggestions for change or comments should be sent in writing to:
Electoral Services (Room F20)
 The Council House
 Avenue Road
 WR14 3AF
Or by email to:
This consultation is open until FRIDAY 4 APRIL 2014.