Residents 2 Hour Parking Permit

Apply or renew a 2 hour residents permit

Please Note: Residents permits are no longer on sale at Customer Service Offices or the Tourist Information Offices and will only be available to purchase on-line.

There is a new style time wheel to replace the old style permits and these will last for life.

Once your first annual subscription has been paid the time wheel will be despatched to your home address within 48 hours.

All of your vehicle details and those of the subscription period will be held in our parking system, once a Civil Enforcement Officer enters your registration number into their handheld terminal, it will display all of your vehicle details and the subscription expiry date.

By using an on-line system, residents can purchase the 2 hour residents permits at a time and place that is convenient for themselves.

The system has also resulted in a significant financial saving by removing paper forms, reminder letters, and administration time.

Anyone who does not own a computer or would like help in using this system can either contact MiPermit on 0345 520 7007, an advisor will guide you through making the purchase or be happy to process the purchase for you.

Annual Subscription

The annual subscription for a 2 hour residents permit costs £25 and is valid from the date of purchase.

Anyone paying their council tax to Malvern Hills District Council is entitled to purchase one.

The time wheel allows a vehicle to be parked for a maximum of 2 hours in any four hours, the time wheel must be set and clearly displayed on the dashboard to be valid.

Between the hours of 6.00pm to midnight the time wheel may be used in any long stay car park to cover the full 6 hour period.

These car parks are located in Priory Road & Victoria Road, Malvern. Hanley Road & New Street, Upton upon Severn and Teme Street, Tenbury Wells.

Please Note: The time wheel can not be used in the 2 hour short stay car parks to cover the 6 hours in the evening.

Should you change your vehicle, you can visit the MiPermit website and change the vehicle details or contact MiPermit on 0345 520 7007 and an advisor will do this for you - there is no charge for this service.

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure that their subscription for the permit is renewed annually if they wish to continue using the time wheel. You will not receive a new time wheel each time your subscription is renewed so please do not dispose of it.

Terms and Conditions of Use

  • On parking, set the time wheel to the time of arrival and centre of window. See example below      

  • Display the time wheel in a clearly visible position underneath the front windscreen.
  • You must not stay in the car park for more than 2 hours. If you do stay longer than 2 hours in a long stay car park, your entitlement to park for 2 hours using the permit is no longer valid. You must then buy a ticket at the full rate from the time you arrived in the car park.
  • If you have used the time wheel, you cannot use it again within 2 hours.

You have committed an offence and will be liable to pay a Penalty Charge Notice for the use of the car park if:

a) You park and fail to clearly display the time wheel underneath the front windscreen.
b) You indicate a false time on arrival or subsequently alter it.
c) You leave the vehicle in the car park for more than 2 hours, including in long stay car parks when a ticket for the full period of your stay has not been purchased.
d) You have used this within 2 hours of using it previously.

  • This time wheel is only valid for use with the vehicle registered to this time wheel.
  • The time wheel is NOT TRANSFERABLE.
  • This time wheel may be used in the evening to park for any period between 6.00pm and midnight in any long stay car park, provided that it was not used between 4.00pm and 6.00pm prior to the evening period.