Local Air Quality Management

This Council has been monitoring air quality since 1998, and to date has no evidence that the air quality at any of its monitoring sites has exceeded Government thresholds.

The principle source of air pollutants within this area is vehicular traffic.

The only pollutant which previous air quality reports have shown requires measurement is nitrogen dioxide.

This is taking place at seven locations within the Malvern Hills area.

At the heavily-trafficked locations of Graham Road, Richmond Road, Worcester Road, Barnards Green and Kempsey M5, three diffusion tubes are used, whilst for the background sites of Teme Avenue and Westwood Road, only one tube is used.

The nearest relevant exposure in all cases are residential properties which are set back a maximum of 4.5M from the kerb.

The results of the monitoring at the above sites can be viewed/downloaded by clicking on the relevant links below.

Details of where the sample tubes are located are shown in these Malvern maps and Kempsey maps.

Further information on local air quality and how it relates to national guidelines can be found in the following documents: