Amusement with Prizes

Video games and machines that pay prizes due to customer "skill" rather than gambling do NOT require a permit.

Machines that are for gambling (not skill) DO require a permit as they are amusement with prize machines – sometimes known as "one armed bandits" or "fruit machines."  

The requirements and fees are laid down by Government.

The licence holder for premises licensed for the sale of alcohol (pubs) can notify us where they wish to have two or fewer machines.  The cost is £50.

Where more than two machines are wanted in a pub, application for a Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permit is required; the application cost is £150 (£100 for an existing operator) plus £50 per year.

Different rules exist for Members' Clubs – they have a choice of club gaming permits or club machine permits.

Publicans\clubs who have a current permit or registration don't need to do anything until it expires - even if the newly converted premises licence is in a different name to that on their original Justice's licence. If a business is sold, the buyer will have to apply to us for a new authorisation.

It is a legal requirement that permit holders comply with the new codes of practice detailing such matters as where machines can be used – these are available from the Gambling Commission website.

Learn how to apply for permits.

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