The disposal of asbestos containing materials from domestic premises, e.g. corrugated sheeting, rainwater goods, and cladding, typically containing around 10 % white asbestos mixed in cement can currently be dealt with by private individuals.

You should take basic precautions, wearing a disposable face mask and gloves, carefully dismantle and bag any pieces and transport the material to a waste transfer site that has a facility to accept asbestos waste, e.g. Malvern Household Waste & Recycling site at Newland (telephone number 01684 892785).

Frequently Asked Questions

For other types of asbestos waste, e.g. fibrous insulation board and lagging materials, it will be necessary to engage a specialist contractor as these materials typically involve the more hazardous brown and blue asbestos.

A list of specialist contractors is available from the Health & Safety Executive website.

Click on this link to find Local Licensed Asbestos Contract.

A short list of Midlands-based contractors has also been provided by Worcestershire Scientific Services.

For further information view the The Control of Asbestos in the Air Regulations 1990 Act.

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