Liability Order

A liability order gives us powers to recover the money you owe. These are:

  • To request information.

The person(s) named on the liability order must supply information to us regarding their employment and income details. It is a criminal offence not to supply this information once requested, or to give false information.

  • To attach earnings.

We can order your employer to take money from your wages or salary. This is then sent to us to pay your debt.

Your employer must tell you each time an amount is deducted and they can charge you for making these deductions.
It is an offence for your employer not to comply with the order.

  • To make deductions from Income Support / Job Seekers Allowance.

We can ask the Benefit Agency to take money from your Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance. This is sent to us to pay your debt.

  • Charging Order.

We can apply to the County Court for a legal charge to be put on your property for the amount due. We will automatically receive the money, plus costs, when the property is sold.

  • Bankruptcy / Insolvency.

We can start these proceedings against you through the County Court.

  • Distress (removal of goods to pay a debt).

We employ bailiffs to collect the debt. More costs will be added to your debt. In some circumstances your goods may be removed and sold.

  • Bailiffs (Civil Enforcement Agents)

Bailiffs are authorised with a certificate from the County Court. They are instructed to collect both Council Tax and Business Rates by the Council and act under a formal code of conduct. They make visits to properties to collect the unpaid Council Tax or Business Rates.They can accept payments in a wide range of forms including cash, bankers draft, credit cards etc. Where they do not receive payment they can remove goods which can be sold at public auction.

They can in certain circumstances take possession of goods but leave them on the premises while an arrangement is agreed and paid.

The Council instructs a company called Bristow & Sutor who can be contacted as follows:

Bristow & Sutor
Bartleet Road
B98 0FL
Telephone: 0871 677 0070
Fax: 0871 677 0072
Text Message: 07781 488270


  • Committal to Prison.

Unlike almost every other debt, you can be sent to prison for up to three months for not paying your council tax. Even if you have other debts where you are being pressed for payment, it is vital that you make payment of your council tax a priority.

If you have problems paying your council tax please contact us - we may be able to make a special arrangement with you.

You may be entitled to benefits - why not try our benefit calculator, visit our benefit web pages or contact our benefit section to see if there is anything you can claim.

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