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Search the Local Land Charges Register

How to do an on-line Personal Search

1. Check the maps

Using the map you can find out the current land charge registrations and basic planning about a property.  You should still confirm the results on the planning register to ensure your information is correct and complete.

How to use the map:

You can navigate the map by searching for your address (choose from the drop down under your search), by grid reference, choosing from one of the towns and villages in the location list, or by panning and zooming to your location. 

Once you have found your location, using the tool ‘draw polygon’ click on the map the outline of the area you want to search.  Double click to finish the shape. If you are happy with your outline click on the button ‘search by polygon’.  This will display the results under the map.  Click on each result to show more information and it will also show the outline of the area. 

PLEASE NOTE: when tracing the outline a line will appear initially but this may vanish during the process, please continue to click your shape, the system is still registering your position.  The line will eventually reappear.

The map will tell you the name of the parish.  Also former house names and other address changes are shown as points on the map (use the info tool to view the information).  You will need these for the next stage of your search.

PLEASE NOTE: This system provides details of all types of planning applications, not all of which would be included on the Local Land Charges Register, ie those with a suffix of OUT, TCN, TPA, ELE, CCO (this is not necessarily a complete list) would not be registrable.

2. Check the Local Land Charge Archive

These are the old registration cards.  They have not been updated since 2002 and are only a historical reference.  They are provided in order to enable you to confirm that you have all the information you require.  It is rare but it is possible that information that was recorded on the card has not been recorded on the map.  If you find a discrepancy we would be interested to hear from you.  Please note, your property may not have a registration card.

How to search the archive:

The scanned files from land charges have been grouped together by Parish (which you can find out from the map) and are viewable by clicking on the links next to the address.  Use your browser's find facility (Ctrl + F) to search for the address on the page. 

Don’t forget to search by historic name if your property was known as something else in the past or even by its plot number.  You would have been shown this on the map.

If you do not find your property and you have checked for previous addresses then you may assume all the registration data has been transferred to the map.

Please note the register cards have 2 sides, so each paper file has 2 scan images.  Your property could also have more than 1 paper file, all these will be shown.

3. Check the Planning Register

Please confirm that you have all the planning information by searching for your property on the planning register.  Details of the applications found on the map can be viewed here too.  Although every effort is made to ensure that the information on the land charges map is present, previously some planning was not recorded against a map and it is prudent to search against the property address.

4. Check the Local Plan data

5. If required, Building Control information is also available.

6. For Con29 information which is not included in the Local Land Charge Register, please contact the originating department for information.

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