Commercial Waste

The council offers a commercial waste (to landfill) collection to businesses operating in the district. We also offer a Commercial Recycling collection service, details of which can be found on the commercial recycling page.

We offer these services at competitive rates and, unlike other providers in the area, there are no hidden charges with our service. Wheeled bins and commercial sacks are available from the council, dependent on your site location and a collection schedule will be agreed (subject to availability).

To sign up to the Commercial Waste Collection Service or for further information email

We do also provide waste collection services for one-off events in the local area such as the Upton Blues Festival and Mappfest. If you require this service, please email us at with you requirements and we will provide a quote.


Prices from 1 April 2016 (All wheeled bin prices are exempt from VAT).

  • £14.98 for a 1100 litre bin, per lift.
  • £12.25 for a 660 litre bin, per lift.
  • £10.39 for a 360 litre bin, per lift.
  • £9.64 for 240 litre bin, per lift.
  • £197 for 100 landfill sacks. (there is a £25 administration fee if you wish to be invoiced for sacks. There is no fee if you pay up front for the sacks via The Hub).

There are no hidden charges with our service. Unlike other providers, who may charge you for producing contracts and the Duty of Care - Controlled Waste Transfer Note, we do this free of charge. Some providers may charge you for hiring the bin, as well as delivery of the bin when you sign up and removal of the bin should you cancel the service. With us you will only ever pay for the collections you receive.

Who can use the service?

Our Commercial Waste services are available to every commercial and industrial premises in the district.

What is the service?

We provide a refuse collection and disposal service using a range of containers and commercial sacks to suit your needs.

What can you collect?

The council will collect most types of waste, however we will not collect:


  • Cooking oil or fat (even if solidified)

  • Builder's rubble

  • Paint

  • Ink

  • Resins

  • Adhesives

  • Asbestos

  • Plasterboard

  • Waste electrical and electronic equipment

  • Batteries

  • Liquid waste

  • End of life vehicles or parts thereof

  • Tyres (whole or shredded)

  • Animal parts including offal, bones, skin etc.

  • Clinical waste – in particular sharps

Is there a weight limit for the waste in the bin?


1100 litre bin - 500 KG Max

660 litre bin - 310 KG Max

360 litre bin - 160 KG Max

240 litre bin - 96KG Max