Malvern Hills Community Safety Partnership

Malvern Hills Community Safety Partnership brings public sector agencies that are working together to create a safer district to tackle the problems that affect communities.

By working together with other local organisations, we aim to make our neighbourhoods even safer and reduce the fear of crime.

The Malvern Hills Community Safety Partnership is the statutory Community Safety Partnership (CSP) for the Malvern Hills district.

The aim of MHCSP is for it's members to work together to ensure that crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) are reduced and the district is a place where residents are safe and feel safe.

Our aim is to improve the quality of life for the people of Malvern Hills by:

  • Tackling crime, including domestic abuse, anti-social behaviour, drug and alcohol related crime
  • Reassuring the public
  • Building community cohesion and reducing anti-social behaviour
  • Reducing the harm caused by illegal drugs and alcohol
  • Reduce re-offending
  • Tackling Anti-social behaviour (actual and perceived)
  • Road Safety

ASB: Anti-Social Behaviour

Community safety partners both individually and collectively have a duty to deal with anti-social behaviour.

All crime should first be reported to West Mercia Police. The police will then contact the council if it is a matter we can help with.

 • West Mercia Police: 0300 333 3000
 • Malvern Hills District Council: 01684 862151
 • Festival Housing: 01684 579579

The partnership has its own team set up to tackle youth related ASB. For more information contact the Team Leader Ann Nicholls:

Hate Crime

A Hate Incident is motivated by a person's hatred of other people because of their actual or perceived:
 •  Race, Colour, Ethnic Origin, Nationality or National Origins
 •  Religion
 •  Sexual Orientation
 •  Gender or Gender Identity
 •  Disability
 •  Age

A victim of a Hate Incident does not have to be a member of a minority group or someone who is generally considered to be ‘vulnerable'. You do not have to tolerate hate and reporting any incident, no matter how minor can make a difference.

To report a hate incident just complete a reporting form, and tell us as much information as you can. You can report anonymously if you wish, but we would like you to give your details so that we can help and support you.

Domestic Abuse

There are many forms of domestic abuse which include: physical, sexual, psychological, social or economic abuse, or neglect of an individual. Forced marriage and honour crimes are also forms of domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse is a crime, that is largely hidden behind closed doors, and can leave victims feeling powerless and isolated. Some people don't even realise they are being abusive but that doesn't make it acceptable or that you have to tolerate it. Please find some support services below:

Womens Aid - Support for women regarding domestic abuse. Tel: 0800 980 3331

Stonham - Support for men and women experiencing domestic abuse. Tel: 0808 801 0327

Worcestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre. Tel: 01905 724514

The Glade - Raped or Sexually assaulted in the last 28 days? Tel: 0808 178 2058