Does Anyone Want a Youth Club?

The first step in setting up a youth club is the most important one; namely finding out if anybody wants one.

You need to talk to as many young people in your area as you can to see if they would use a club:

  • What would they want to do there?
  • Where should it be?
  • When should it be open?
  • How big should it be?
  • What kind of activities would they take part in?

Young people are the heart and soul of youth clubs and are key to the development and so should be involved from the beginning: their views and opinions are essential to the development process.

By asking young people what they want, you can be confident that your proposal has strong roots and that you are getting people on board to support you in the future.

You also need to talk to other interested groups and organisations in your area. These might include other youth groups, local agencies that work with young people, the council, local schools and so on.

You should find out what they think of your ideas, if there are things that you could do together or if they know of any people that might be able to help you.

By doing thorough research at the very beginning of your project, you will build a youth club that will be successful and popular.

Step 1. Worksheet and things to do