Due to an unprecedented demand and office relocation our current turnaround time for Local Land Charge searches is 30 working days

Fees and Charges

The Council's Schedule of Charges sets out our charges for providing you with information under the Freedom of Information Act, Environmental Information Regulations and Data Protection Act.

Our charges reflect current statutory requirements and guidance.


Current Charges

Search/ Enquiry type


Official Register (LLC1)




Total Full Search Fee (excluding CON29O enquries)


Solicitors own written enquiries (not on CON29/O)


Additional Parcels of Land - NOTE: This fee is due for each additional rateable property within a search area when submitting a Full Search


Fees for Individual CON29R, CON29O & Additional Enquiries (click on 'Fees for CON29 Enquiries' link opposite, for a summary & full breakdown of the CON29 fees)

Fees for CON29 Enquiries

Subsequent Enquiries following return of a Search


Personal Search of Local Land Charge Register


Charges updated on 4th July 2016