Guidance for Neighbours

How We Consult on Applications

New planning applications may be inspected each week online, search Planning Applications.

A guide to the District Council's Notification Policy on Planning Applications: Neighbour Notification Policy

Individual consultation letters are sent to neighbours whom we consider are likely to be affected by a proposal.

You will normally have 21 days to comment.

In the case of proposals likely to generate wider interest, site notices are displayed in the area.

We also often seek the views of other organisations such as the Highway Authority and the Environment Agency, as well as local amenity societies and residents' associations.

  • Notices are published in the local paper and/or displayed on or close to the site (for at least 21 days) for many applications, including those which would affect the character or setting of a Listed Building, or the character of a Conservation Area, or major development.
  • The register of planning applications (including plans) can be inspected, and copies of documents may be purchased (subject to copyright provisions) by contacting customer services.