Hate Crime

A Hate Incident is motivated by a person's hatred of other people because of their actual or perceived:

  •  Race, Colour, Ethnic Origin, Nationality or National Origins
  •  Religion
  •  Sexual Orientation
  •  Gender or Gender Identity
  •  Disability
  •  Age

A victim of a Hate Incident does not have to be a member of a minority group or someone who is generally considered to be ‘vulnerable'.

For example, the friend of a minority ethnic person, lesbian or refugee may be victimised because of their association.

You do not have to tolerate hate and reporting any incident, no matter how minor can make a difference.

To report a hate incident just complete a reporting form here True Vision,  and tell us as much information as you can.

You can report anonymously if you wish, but we would like you to give your details so that we can help and support you.

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