Knowing Our Communities

The Research and Intelligence service at Malvern Hills District Council aims to provide high quality information to members, officers and interested partners in order to inform policy and decision making.

We produce a number of reports which outline the key economic, social and environmental aspects of the district.

Interactive Profiles

These interactive profiles contain a wide range of statistical data about Malvern Hills district and its people.

District Profile

Knowing Our Communities 2010 sets out a summary of the key characteristics of the Malvern Hills district often to a very detailed geographical level.

It is based upon a mix of publicly available national statistics and, where appropriate, local and partner datasets.

Ward Profiles

Ward profiles provide a statistical snapshot of conditions within each of the 22 wards within the Malvern Hills District.

The profiles make use of publicly available statistics, principally from the Office for National Statistics.

Parish Profiles

Parish profiles provide a snapshot of conditions at parish level across the district.  Some parishes are grouped in to neighbourhood areas.

Local Authority Benchmarking

These profiles provide an overview of selected economic, social and environmental measures of the Malvern Hills district in relation to either national or local comparisons as available.