Local Authority Benchmarking Profiles 2013

These profiles provide an overview of selected economic, social and environmental measures of the Malvern Hills district in relation to either national or local comparisons as available, each measure uses data from nationally available datasets.

The profiles show how Malvern Hills compares with the best, worst and average performance in England and/or Worcestershire in an easy to understand visual format.  

The indicators are grouped according to the following themes which align with the council's strategic direction.

Our economy: This section covers a selection of measures designed to give an overview of the economic ‘health' of the area.

These measures are benchmarked against the county of Worcestershire average as well as the England Average.

Our quality of life (health & wellbeing):This section compares key indicators of the health of the people in the district with the rest of England.

Our services: This section compares nationally available measures of service performance from District Councils in England with the addition of quartile ranges.

What our residents think: This section compares measures from the Worcestershire ‘ViewPoint' Survey with other Worcestershire District Councils.

This yearly survey has been produced, in one form or another, since 2008 and uses a sample to understand residents' perceptions of their local community and council services.

Download the full 2013 local authority benchmarking profile.