Small Society Lotteries (Registration of Non-Commercial Societies) Regulations 2007

A Lottery involves a payment to enter where the opportunity to win a prize is determined by chance. 

A lottery where entry is free is therefore permitted.

Unless the lottery falls within one of the exemptions in the Gambling Act 2005 (the National Lottery aside) it is illegal.

Regulations detail the procedure under which non-commercial societies wishing to run small fundraising lotteries must register with their local authority. 

A small society lottery is one with proceeds of up to £20,000 (of which 20% must go to purposes for which the society is conducted), a maximum single prize of £25,000, and where the aggregate total of the lotteries promoted by the society in a year do not exceed £250,000.  

The Regulations prescribe the application form (Lottery Application Form) and fees: registration costs £40. 

We also require a copy of the Society's Constitution and accounts. 

Annual renewal is £20, payable two months prior to the anniversary of registration. 

Late renewals are not possible, we have to treat them as new applications and charge the full fee.


Bingo run by the W.I., the village hall committee or similar organisations, for charitable purposes, does not require a licence.

Bingo run by someone for personal or commercial gain does need a licence. 

Please contact the Gambling Commission on 0121 230 6666 for information about bingo, or see the pages on the Gambling Commission website.

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