Malvern Hills Partnership

The Malvern Hills Partnership is a group of influential local organisations that come together to identify the gaps in service provision across the Malvern Hills and, with a shared ownership and commitment, strategically commissions work programmes that effectively tackle those gaps.

In sharing knowledge, skills and experience, the MHP Board also aims to provide added value for the district. Malvern Hills Partnership - Membership

Our Vision

To build a district where people live in supportive communities; travel without reliance on owning a car; feel free from crime and the fear of crime.

A place where the rural character and beauty of the area is looked after, where people can enjoy a good standard of living and health and wellbeing, have secure, well paid and fulfilling jobs and live in an affordable home that suits their needs.

Sustainable Community Strategy

On the basis of detailed research and analysis at both district and ward level, the Malvern Hills Partnership identified the issues it would like to focus its work on for the next 14 years and from that, the Malvern Hills Partnership developed a local Sustainable Community Strategy for 2011 - 2025.

This district strategy was developed into a single county wide Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS). Having a single SCS enables county and district Local Strategic Partnerships (LSPs), to streamline their processes and articulate priorities in light of reduced resources.

It also improves links between countywide theme groups and the delivery of priorities in districts, and helps establish a robust local vision to underpin future and flexible partnership delivery arrangements. 

Our Action Programmes

The Malvern Hills Partnership chose to focus on four key areas of work.

Minutes of past Meetings

The Malvern Hills Partnership meets every three months to discuss a range of issues affecting the district, as well as to discuss progress on our four action programmes.

Take a look at our past agenda's and minutes to find out more.

Annual Report 2012

Annual Report for 2012.


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