How Are You Going to Manage the Club?

This is one of the less exciting aspects of setting up a youth club, but it's also one of the most important.

Setting off on this big adventure without a management structure would be like building a house with bricks but no cement; everything might look good but the slightest upset will send it all tumbling down.

From the very early stages of planning, you need an organised group of people who will make decisions about setting up and running the club.

As you move further into the adventure this group becomes more and more important when approaching funders, for example, or when building up partnerships with local agencies.

You can choose the structure of your management committee.

Some youth clubs have a mixture of adults and young people on their committee, others have two management committees running side by side; one made up of adults, one made up of young people.

The number of people involved also differs from small groups of about ten, right up to a large single group of twenty.

You can choose the structure that fits best with your community and your plans. Use the expertise and advice around you.

Get local organisations and parents involved and, if you need them, local professionals such as surveyors, designers or lawyers.

Remember that a certain level of adult support and involvement is essential, and that the sooner everyone is engaged by the project the sooner you can all work together.

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