The Environment Team deal with a wide range of noise related issues, mainly falling under the category of "Statutory Nuisance" control which is dealt with under powers provided by The Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Where a noise nuisance problem is confirmed the first approach is to attempt to resolve the matter informally, however officers can serve legal notices, confiscate noise making equipment and ultimately prosecute those responsible for creating a nuisance.

Problems of noise nuisance can arise from a multitude of sources ranging from barking dogs to noisy hi-fi systems to clay pigeon shooting and even plastic sheets flapping in the wind.

Other noise related issues which officers deal with include:

Worthy of special mention is the problem caused by intruder alarms.

If the Council is called out to a noise nuisance from an intruder alarm, and it is not possible to locate the owner of the premises where the alarm is situated or any person nominated to be responsible for it in their absence, the Council would seek to obtain a Warrant to enter the premises and have the alarm disabled.

The cost of carrying out such work, including fees from locksmiths and alarm engineers, plus the administrative costs of the Council, would ultimately be passed on to the owner of the premises where the alarm was installed.

To lessen the chances of this happening, anyone who has or intends to have an intruder alarm fitted is encouraged to provide the Council with details of person(s) who can be contacted in the event of noise nuisance being reported.

The simplest was to do this is to download our intruder alarm registration form.