Sampling of Private Water Supplies and Spring Water

Sampling of private water supplies from springs and wells, is carried out by the Environment Team, part of Worcestershire Regulatory Services working on behalf of Malvern Hills District Council.

The actual frequency of sampling depends on the category of the supply, this can be as frequent as once a month to as infrequent as once every five years.

In the case of supplies to private dwellings and businesses, the results of the sampling are reported back to the owners and users of the supply when they become available. This work is prescribed under the Private Water Supplies Regulations 2009.

For more information please go to Worcestershire Regulatory Services Private Water Supplies.

Please Note:

The publically accessible spouts in Malvern are likely to contain pathogenic bacteria, and therefore water should be boiled for 4 minutes before drinking.

The use of any water originating from these supplies is at the user's own risk.