Pollution Control

The Environment Team deals with a number of pollution related issues.

The level of involvement by the Environment Team depends on the nature of the problem, and can range from simply giving advice over the phone to complex and protracted investigations which can go on for months, particularly when large amounts of money need to be spent by companies to deal with an industrial problem.

Some of the investigations require a degree of input from the customer who has reported the problem.

This may involve filling in an evidence form or turning a noise monitor on and off to capture samples of alleged nuisance from neighbours.

In situations where the Council is able to establish that there is a significant problem, it can require action to be taken by those persons responsible for the problem or who have a legal interest in the land or premises being investigated.

This is often done by service of Notices under the appropriate legislation, requiring certain action to be taken by a specific date.

Should the Council decide not to take formal action against an alleged perpetrator of a nuisance (for example, where sufficient evidence has not been obtained despite all reasonable attempts to do so), the person complaining about the nuisance has the option to take their own private action.

Please Note:

Environmental Health is now being administered by the Worcestershire Regulatory Services.

Telephone enquiries can be made via the Worcestershire Hub on 01905 822799.

Email enquiries can be sent to wrsenquiries@worcsregservices.gov.uk.

The Environment Agency is a Central Government body, dealing with such matters as pollution of rivers and licensing of waste disposal contractors.

If you wish to report a pollution incident to The Environment Agency, you can do so by phoning their incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60.