Household recycling in the Malvern Hills District is collected:

*if your recycling is collected in sacks, your collection is weekly.

Please put items for recycling into your green wheeled bin loose - do not use a bin liner or put recycling in bags.

  • If you have difficulty placing your recycling bin out for collection we offer an assisted collection service.
  • Our recycling rate is around 37%, we need to do as much as we can to recycle more.
  • Households which are unsuitable to use a recycling bin are provided with a recycling sack collection. For safety reasons glass can not be recycled via recycling sacks.
  • Residents who use the recycling sacks can take their glass bottles and jars to the nearest bottle bank for recycling - to find out when your recycling is collected please enter your postcode into the collection day search.

What type of recyclable plastic can we collect?

Preformed plastics such as ice cream tubs, yogurt and cream pots, all drinks bottles and sauce bottles, shampoo bottles, multi-buy trays of fruit pies, cake slices or muffins (the cardboard and the tray can be recycled, the foil case cannot) plastic egg cartons, and similar items.

Please note that we cannot currently accept thin plastic that does not hold its own shape, for example, shrink wrap, plastic bags, any type of sheet plastic wrapping, cereal pack inserts, bread wrappers and similar items.

Where does the recycling go?

The items you recycle are taken to Envirosort. You can find out more about how combined collections work, and the difference you are making by recycling on the Envirosort website.

Find out more about how you can reduce your waste, reuse and recycle.  

What can I recycle? List

For information on how to recycle items not included in the above list go to our recycling hints and tips section.