Recycling Hints and Tips

Our recycling rate in the Malvern Hills District is around 37% .....we need to do as much as we can to recycle more.

Reduce, Re-Use or Recycle in the Home Where Possible

You can find out more about reducing, re-using and recycling from Let's waste less.

  1. Make space next to your waste bin for a recycling and/or compost container - it makes recycling easier.
  2. Recycle bottles and jars at your local supermarket when you do your weekly shop - drop before you shop!
  3. There is no need to squash cans, cartons or bottles anymore - but do please wash them out.
  4. Recycle clothes, books & unwanted gifts at charity shops, clothes banks, swishing parties or via door step charity bags.
  5. Re-use take-away plastic containers as tupperware for packed lunches or food storage.
  6. When you go shopping use an environmentally friendly re-usable material shopping bag. Check packaging can be recycled so that you reduce the amount of waste from your shopping trips.
  7. Reduce your junk mail by contacting The Mailing Preference Service, Freepost 22, London, W1E 7EZ. Tel: 0207 291 3310.
  8. Place a compost bin in your garden for kitchen and soft garden waste e.g; grass cuttings, soft hedging and plants
  9. Larger items can be taken to a household waste site or you could arrange for a bulky collection by calling Customer Services on 01684 862151.
  10. For information on furniture re-use organisations call 01905 766 883 or try Malvern Hills Freecycle site (below).

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