Refuse Collection

As a resident of the Malvern Hills District your household refuse is collected once a week.

We collect general waste in black sacks, we do not provide bins for general waste. Bins can be purchased by residents for the storage of black sacks in order to prevent vermin/animals attacking and ripping open the sacks. However, on the residents day of collection, the sacks must be removed from the bin and be available for collection by the refuse operatives. We cannot guarantee that sacks left in bins will be taken and we will not return to collect them, if reported as missed.

Should residents feel strongly enough regarding the receptacle type, we do recommend they discuss it with their local Councillor.

In addition, we do not provide communal bins for general waste. If developers wish to purchase their own bins, they can do so but they must be drop-fronted bins so that the black sacks can be removed easily by our operatives. If the bins purchased are not drop-fronted, we cannot guarantee that the bins will be emptied. We can provide communal bins for recycling. However, the recyclable material must be placed into the bin in sacks and not loose.

We only accept requests for individual recycling bins and rolls of black sacks from residents. We will not accept bulk requests from housing associations/building developers or contractors. 

The council will collect most types of waste, however, we cannot collect poisonous, hazardous or clinical waste nor builders rubble. From 1 April 2009 it became illegal to mix gypsum and other high sulphate wastes with biodegradable waste in landfill in England and Wales. The mix produces toxic hydrogen sulphide gas. The most common gypsum based products are plaster and plasterboard. These will not be accepted. Please contact The Environment Agency who will provide advice on disposal.

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