Rural Access Strategy

In 2009 the Malvern Hills Partnership commissioned a research project to understand the key issues affecting those living in rural areas.

The key findings from that work included:

Improving Access to Rural Transport

Transport and access to services is one of the biggest concerns for many people living in rural areas.

Making ICT More Accessible in Rural Areas

ICT has become increasingly important in enabling people to undertake activities and access opportunities. From carrying out their weekly shopping, to seeking information about employment opportunities and local services, as well as providing a direct way to access services such as paying bills or getting treatment for health problems.

Signposting and Providing Support and Information to Those Living in Rural Areas

It can be difficult to ensure that older people in rural areas have easy access to the information and the services they need to enable them to maintain a quality of life that includes good health and well being.

Based on that work Malvern Hills District Council developed a Rural Strategy

Actions since then have focused on piloting the strategy in the Longdon ward and have included:

  • Changes to local transport provision to provide additional services for Longdon and Pendock
  • Provision of a local information portal located within Pendock Post Office
  • Enhancements to parish council websites in the Longdon ward
  • Provision of new and renewed noticeboards in Longdon ward
  • Started community-led planning in Pendock parish