Sack delivery schedule

Each year we provide each household with one roll of black sacks.

Each roll has approximately 54 sacks, which we believe is sufficient for the average household.

Recycling sacks

Residents who do not have a wheeled bin for recycling will also be provided with two rolls of recycling sacks each year (approximately 100 sacks). You can request new cherry sacks online or pick them up from your local library.

Delivery schedule for black and cherry sacks

Round Delivery Date
1 COMPLETED week ending 13 May
2 COMPLETED week ending 6 May

COMPLETED week ending 24 June


COMPLETED week ending 13 May


COMPLETED week ending 27 May


COMPLETED week ending 10 June

9 COMPLETED week ending 24 June

COMPLETED week ending 27 May


COMPLETED week ending 27 May



To identify which round your street is on please check our round list. This is a list of all postcodes in the area, so please search for your postcode and it will identify which round you are on in the final column.

If the round you are serviced by is shown above as completed and you have not received your sacks please report the 'missed sack delivery'

If you use more than one black sack per week you will need to purchase your own additional black sacks from a local shop or supermarket.