Safer Food Better Business in Worcestershire

All food businesses must have a documented food safety management system

This means that you now have to say what you do to make sure food you produce is safe, and have this written down. Food Safety Management Systems Factsheet.

Many large food businesses already have these systems in place, but many smaller businesses may have good systems but very little or no documentation.

Here's where we can help: After extensive consultation with the catering industry, the Food Standards Agency have produced a Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) pack for small caterers and now retailers.


How do I get a pack?

To claim your free pack you can either:

How long will the pack take to implement?

It is suggested that each of the five sections should take one hour to work through and set up within your business.

Will SFBB be right for me?

This pack has been specifically designed for small food businesses to help them to comply with the new requirements without introducing an unnecessary burden.

Do I have to use SFBB and what about those businesses that will not be using it?

SFBB is just one way to comply with the requirement to document your food safety management system. It is perfect for small businesses but will not suit all businesses.

Businesses that do not use SFBB can use an alternative food safety management system but they will have to demonstrate that it complies with the new laws.

I already have a system in place - do I have to change to SFBB?

No. Some businesses may already have a documented food safety system in place, which has either been provided by their parent company or has been developed in-house.

If you already have one of these systems then it may mean that you already comply with the new requirements. You are advised to speak to your company or contact us for further advice.

Where can I get more information about the pack and the legislation changes?

Please visit the Food Standards Agency Website

PLEASE NOTE: If you implement and maintain a documented food safety management system it can seriously improve your star rating under the 'Scores on the Doors Scheme'