Smell Nuisance

Worcestershire Regulatory Services deals with nuisance caused by unpleasant smells on behalf of Malvern Hills District Council.

The source of such nuisance is usually, but not always, attributable to farming activities, particularly the spreading of organic waste onto land.

There are various Codes of Practice produced by the Department for Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) .

The one that is most relevant to environmental smell nuisance is called the Code of Good Agricultural Practice for the Protection of Air.

Other information concerning farming activities can be found on the DEFRA Website.

In general terms, the Council would not attempt to take enforcement action against a farmer for nuisance, provided it could be demonstrated that the appropriate Codes of Practice were being followed.

For smells complaints of a non-agricultural nature, the Council would have to assess each case on its merits and with respect to any relevant legislation.

For more information on nuisances please visit the WRS website or to report a nuisance please contact or call 01905 822799.