Smoke free play areas

From 1 June, council owned play parks within the Malvern Hills district will become voluntary smoke free zones as a result of us signing the Local Government Declaration on Tobacco Control. View the declaration here.

The declaration is a statement of Malvern Hills District Council’s commitment to address the harm caused by tobacco as part of our priorities; to build stronger and healthier communities and make the most of our superb environment. 

Voluntary smoke free zones will be introduced in seven of our play areas:

  • Priory Park, Malvern
  • Dean Close, Powick
  • Montgomery Close, Powick
  • Milestone Road, Upton
  • Gainsborough Close,Welland
  • Gifford Drive, Welland
  • Blandford Close, Welland

We would like to hear your views about the voluntary smoke free zones. To complete the consultation survey, please click here.

Smoke free zones have already been successfully introduced by several local authorities across the country. Evidence shows the benefits of introducing smoke free play areas includes:

  • Decreases the opportunity for children to see adults smoking around them
  • Creates an environment in which smoking in not seen as the norm thus potentially motivating smokers to cut down or to quit
  • Protects the environment and saving local authorities money by reducing tobacco- related litter
  • Offers further protection from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke.

If you would like to discuss anything to do with smoke free play areas in Malvern Hills district email