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From 1st July 2007, all enclosed workplaces and public places in England went smoke free. This had an obvious impact on pubs, clubs and restaurants.

When the new law (contained in the Health Act 2006 and various sets of Regulations) came into force, smoking was banned:

  • In any premises that are open to the public
  • In any premises that are used as a place of work by more than person
  • In any vehicle used by members of the public or for work by more than one person

There are some exemptions, but the majority of public and working areas, canteens, smoking rooms, rest rooms etc. are included. 

Employers can introduce a smoking policy, or amend an existing one. 

They may also think about building "smoking shelters" – but it is important to get advice first. 

Outdoor shelters can't be enclosed; they have to meet the Regulations, and may need permission under planning law, or licensing law (if applicable). 

People who manage smoke-free premises or vehicles will have to

  • Put ‘no smoking' signs at public entrances to buildings, and in vehicles.  Details of the signs will be in the Regulations – the latest information regarding the signs are available via the dedicated website
  • Stop people smoking: although it will be an offence to smoke in a smoke-free place, it will also be the duty of people concerned with the management of smoke-free premises to stop smoking.

Additional Sources of Information:

Local free advice and support for those who wish to quit smoking is available from the Worcestershire Smoking Advice Service on 01905 760222.

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