Needles and syringes are occasionally discarded improperly and this causes concern for everyone.

Needles and syringes may be found by themselves or inside black tubes, or yellow plastic boxes. Sometimes they turn up in a variety of containers such as cardboard boxes or carrier bags etc.

If you have witnessed the disposal of or come across needles or syringes please report it here. 

When reporting a needle or syringe, please include the following information:

  • Location
  • Description

Please note that the Street Scene team work Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm. Within these times the team will respond within four hours. If a report comes outside of these hours collection will be made at the earliest opportunity. 

If however you decided that there is an urgent need to move the equipment, here are some simple steps for adults to take:

1. Stay calm and assess the situation
2. Be aware of maintaining the safety of others particularly children
3. Find a container with a well secured lid, preferably a large screw top. Rigid plastic containers with lids are best, e.g. plastic milk or soft drink bottles. Don't use glass bottles as they can shatter or drinks cans as these may get crushed.
4. Don't touch the sharp point with your fingers or hands and try and wear gloves if possible
5. Carefully pick up the needle or syringe by the blunt end away from the point
6. Don't try to put the plastic sheath back on a needle if it has fallen off
7. Put the needle or syringe, point first, into the container. More than one can be placed in the container, but don't overfill
8. Never put used injecting equipment into the rubbish, down the toilet or into the drains.
9. Always wash your hands thoroughly after disposal

If you need to dispose of or exchange a needle or syringe, please click here for more information.