Syringes and Needle Exchanges


If you find discarded syringes in a public place report them immediately on the Report It page.

You should not remove needles or syringes yourself, however if you decide that there is an urgent need to move the equipment, please follow the simple steps for adults to take.

Due to the danger of needle stick injuries, needles and syringes should not be disposed of in the refuse collection. This presents a serious hazard to people collecting and handling the refuse.

Needle Disposal

Where a person treats themselves in their home, it is their responsibility to dispose of any clinical waste in a responsible way. 

This should be by using a sharps bin and taking this to a disposal point. Find your nearest Disposal Point.

Sharps bins are plastic containers designed for the safe disposal of hazardous waste. Sharps bins are available on prescription from your doctor. They can take needles, empty syringes, empty insulin cartridges and lancets. 

Some patients use 'B-D safe clip' devices to remove the needle from the syringe. This does not need to be done if the needle and syringe are put straight into the sharps bin.

Where patients are prescribed sharps boxes by their GP they can take the full boxes back to their GP for disposal, provided the practice is registered with the Environment Agency to accept this waste.

Support for Drug Users

Swanswell provides free and confidential services for people concerned about their own, or someone else's drug use. This includes support for drug users, their family and friends and young people affected by their parents' or carers' drug use. For full details of the services provided by Swanswell please see the Swanswell Website.

Needle Exchange Points

Please visit Worcestershire County Council website for a list of needle exchange locations in the district.