Tenbury Flood Alleviation Programme

A broadly based Task Force was set up to discuss possible solutions to flooding in Tenbury Wells, which had been subject to severe flooding in 2007 and for which no single flood alleviation scheme was financially viable. 

The group determined that the only practicable approach was to invest in property level flood protection measures, such as flood barriers, self-closing air bricks, non-return valves on drainage systems, and sump pumps for individual properties.

They commissioned 228 individual property flood assessments to understand how flood waters enter and leave a property.

The assessments, conducted by Hydro-Logic Ltd, provided home owners with a detailed report that not only highlighted flood issues to address, but recommended flood products that would reduce the risk of future flooding.

They successfully applied for over £300, 000 in funding from the Department for Farming and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the Midlands Flood Defence Committee, which was used to provide grants to affected home owners so they could purchase and install the recommended flood defence measures.

50% of home and business owners took advantage of the scheme and are now protected in the event of flooding.

Similar schemes have also been implemented in Upton upon Severn, Severn Stoke and Bransford albeit on a smaller scale. A further scheme is being progressed for the East Waterside area of Upton.

In addition to individual property level protection, major flood alleviation schemes have been implemented in partnership with Worcestershire Highways Unit, Environment Agency, parish councils and community groups, and the district council. 

Schemes are now in place to protect Powick, Upton upon Severn, Kempsey and Uckinghall.

Work continues to find a long term comprehensive solution for Tenbury Wells.