Training and Skills

When you set up a youth club you'll need to provide some people with specific training.

You will also provide others with the opportunity to learn new and very useful lifelong skills.

Some of your volunteers may already have relevant training; for others you will need to provide training in youth worker skills and certification, drugs and alcohol awareness, child protection and health and safety: you may be able to secure funding for this.

It's also worth talking to other local youth groups to find out if they provide training themselves or if they would be interested in sharing costs.

The opportunities for young people to learn new skills in the context of the club are many and various.

These include getting involved in organising activities and events, day-to-day running of the club, assisting with fundraising and contributing to interior design and decoration.

The benefits that they gain from this kind of involvement are both practical and personal; they include increased self confidence and improved communication skills.

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