Transition Malvern Hills

This grass roots organisation, which sits on the Malvern Hills Partnership has been working hard to raise awareness of environmental issues on a local level.

Below is just some of the work the group has carried out over the last twelve months:

  • Organised a hugely successful ‘Unleashing' event at the Malvern Theatres in May. The event attracted well over 200 people, all keen to be involved and to find out more about the work of Transition Malvern Hills
  • Worked with Malvern Hills District Council and Malvern Town Council to find alternative energy sources for the famous Malvern gas lamps, which due to rising fuel costs had become expensive and inefficient to operate. The ‘Gasketeer' project, which started in June last year has found a way to reduce gas usage by 80%, increase the power of the light by 300%, plus the volunteer nature of the project has saved the local authorities £10,000 in research costs
  • Thanks to funding from the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the group have been able to develop 24 energy pack units. These units have been designed to help residents understand the amount of ‘wasted' energy used in their homes. Available from the Malvern Library, the units are free to borrow and simple to use. Not only will they help save money on bills, but will reduce the overall energy usage of the district
  • Launched a Home Energy Advice and Assistance scheme during the winter months to help residents keep homes warm and energy prices low. The scheme, funded by a grant from the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, provided  21 days of handyman support to help older residents make room in their attics for insulation and deal with draughts
  • Launched a Malvern Garden Share scheme

For more information, check out the website.