Weeds and Untidy Gardens


Malvern Hills District Council occasionally receives enquiries about problems with weeds.

The most serious of these enquiries refer to non-native invasive plants such as Japanese Knotweed which has very vigorous growth, is very difficult to eradicate and can cause damage to buildings and highways.

Giant Hogweed, which is a particularly nasty plant because it usually causes skin damage (painful blisters, severe irritation and sometimes recurrent dermatitis) to children who are attracted to it in the course of their outdoor playing activities.

Further information about these plants can be found on the Environment Agency Website.

Other weeds that are described as injurious" in the Weeds Act 1959 refer to plants that represent a threat to agriculture and livestock.

These  are described in detail in the Weeds Act Advice document taken from the DEFRA Website.

The main threat to the public is from Common Ragwort, an attractive wild plant in Summer due to its bright yellow flowers, but concealing a poison which can be deadly, particularly to horses and other animals.

This plant can often by seen growing alongside highways in rural areas.

Untidy Gardens

General enquiries about weeds relating to overgrown or untidy private gardens are not dealt with by the Environment Team.

These types of situations, when of an extreme nature (in official terms, detrimental to the amenity of the area), are usually the responsibility of Planning Enforcement.

Garden rubbish and junk however will generally be dealt with by the Street Scene Team, under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005.

Please report any issues with untidy gardens here