Workplace Health

Every year, over two million people in the UK suffer from an illness they believe is caused by or made worse as a result of work.

These types of work-related illnesses have been shown to cost a business, on average, £1,196 each time a worker is on sick leave.

Workplace Health Connect is a new service launched in February this year.

It provides free, confidential and impartial advice on creating a safer and more healthy workplace for smaller businesses in England and Wales.

Simply calling an Adviceline (0845 609 6006) puts businesses in touch with specialist advisers.

If the business is based in Greater London, the North West, the North East, West Midlands and South Wales, they may also be offered a workplace visit.

During the workplace visits, the trained adviser gives tailored advice to the business on a range of issues that affect workplace health.

This may include how to: lift heavy items to prevent back and muscle injuries, handle chemicals and remove workplace dust and other particles and tackle stress.