Big Spring clean

Malvern Hills District Council is springing into the warmer weather by sprucing up the hugely popular Priory Park in Great Malvern in time for the summer.

Four of the main large flowerbeds in Priory Park are currently receiving a floral makeover. All of the old plants have been removed together with several loads of rubbish, while any shrubs still in good condition have been relocated to other parts of the park.

Staff have also spread about ten tonnes of compost, made from garden waste, over the borders. The compost came from the household recycling centre near Pershore which turns up to 25,000 tonnes of garden waste from households across Herefordshire and Worcestershire into compost every year.

Tony Kiesslinger, Parks Supervisor at Malvern Hills District Council, said: "I am thoroughly enjoying working in this beautiful park, it's very rewarding. I am planting many different varieties from Aster to Potentilla, adding lots of colour and planting in blocks which will give the borders more colour for longer throughout the year.

"A large number of these new plants will still keep a Victorian feel to the borders as these are some of the plants that would have been used in those times."

Ivor Pumfrey, Head of Community Services at Malvern Hills District Council, added: "We're very proud of Priory Park; it is quintessentially Victorian and has been open to the public since 1925.

"Priory Park offers splendid views of the Malvern Hills and thousands of local residents and visitors enjoy the beauty of the park all throughout the year, therefore it is important that we maintain the high standards of this park for all to admire."