Clamp down on litter louts

Malvern Hills District Council has clamped down on litter louts after recently fining a man from Worcester for dumping two large pizza boxes outside St Gabriel Church in Hanley Swan.

The boxes were discarded on 17 February 2015 and were discovered by a local resident who phoned the MHDC to report the littering.

MHDC went to the site and found the pizza boxes with a receipt from the pizza order which detailed the address of the offender. MHDC wrote to the address asking for an explanation and he admitted to the offence of littering. A Fixed Penalty Notice of £75 was then issued.

Gordon Morris, Street Scene Team Manager for MHDC said: "If we have evidence of who has committed a littering offence we can do something about it, sending a strong message to others and protecting our beautiful area."

"In 2014 we issued 13 Fixed Penalty Notices for littering at £75 each, all of these were paid. So far in 2015 we have had 24 cases of littering, of these, 13 Fixed Penalty Notices of £75 have been issued, 9 of which have already paid, with 11 outstanding cases.

"We will continue our hard work and commitment in looking for those individuals who drop litter."

For more information or to report an incident of littering, fly-tipping or dog fouling please contact