Council invites comments on proposed Upton-upon-Severn neighbourhood area

Malvern Hills District Council is inviting members of the public to voice their views on the proposal to designate the parish of Upton-upon-Severn as a "neighbourhood area".

Upton-upon-Severn Town Council has submitted an application to Malvern Hills District Council to designate the parish of Upton-upon-Severn as a neighbourhood area with a view to developing a Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood Plans are a key part of the Government's Localism agenda to give local people more of a say on issues like where new homes, shops and offices should be built, and the design of new developments.

One of the first steps in developing a Neighbourhood Plan is that the town council has to apply to the district council to be designated as a neighbourhood area.

Malvern Hills is inviting comment on the application, particularly from those living or working in the area, during a six week public consultation.

Councillor Melanie Baker, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Housing at MHDC, said: "Being designated as a neighbourhood area would enable Upton-upon-Severn Town Council to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan for the Upton-upon-Severn area. The development of this plan would be a community effort and the final plan would have to be approved by local residents in the town."

Councillor Peter Webb, Mayor of Upton-upon-Severn Town Council, said: "A Neighbourhood Plan will help shape the future growth of Upton-upon-Severn through a community-led approach, protecting and enhancing Upton's existing assets and making Upton an even more attractive place in which to live and work."

Public consultation on the boundary of the proposed neighbourhood area starts on Friday 9 January and runs until Friday 20 February 2015.

To see the detailed maps of the proposed neighbourhood areas please visit neighbourhood planning web page. Alternatively, residents can see all the relevant information at Malvern Hills, Tenbury Wells and Upton Customer Contact Centres. For additional information please contact David Clarke on 01684 862370.

Any comments on the Malvern neighbourhood area application should be sent to Malvern Hills District Council by 5pm on Friday 20 February 2015. Comments can be sent electronically via email to or posted to the following address: Development Plans and Conservation, Malvern Hills District Council, Council House, Avenue Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 3AF.

  1. Neighbourhood planning was introduced through the Localism Act 2011. Neighbourhood planning legislation came into effect in April 2012.
  2. Neighbourhood planning gives communities the power to:
  • agree a neighbourhood development plan (also known as a neighbourhood plan)
  • make a neighbourhood development order
  • make a Community Right to Build order
  1. A neighbourhood plan can establish general planning policies for the development and use of land in a neighbourhood, including:
  • where new homes and offices should be built
  • what they should look like
  1. A Neighbourhood Plan must be in general conformity with the strategic policies of the Local Plan prepared by the District Council. A Neighbourhood Plan can be used to promote more development than is set out in the Local Plan but should not promote less development.
  2. In areas where a parish or town council exists, these are the only bodies that can prepare a neighbourhood plan. The whole of Malvern Hills District is parished. Therefore, parish and town councils are the only bodies that can prepare a neighbourhood plan.
  3. For further information and for detailed maps of the proposed neighbourhood areas please visit neighbourhood planning or please contact David Clarke on 01684 862370.