Council show support for hedgehogs

24 January 2017

With Spring just around the corner Malvern Hills District Council are playing their part to help protect our Great British hedgehogs.

Malvern Hills District Council has attached warning stickers to its garden machinery to help remind grounds maintenance workers to check hedgerows and lawns thoroughly before using any equipment.

The warning stickers are part of a campaign organised by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society to raise awareness of the potential danger garden machinery could pose to hedgehogs.

Every year many hedgehogs are seriously injured or killed by cutting machines in gardens and parks, residents are also asked to help by checking areas for hedgehogs before using any equipment, including strimmers, mowers and hedge cutters.

Fay Vass, Chief Executive at The British Hedgehog Preservation Society said: “We have been delighted at the response to this campaign and thank Malvern Hills District Council for getting involved. 

“We hope that it will save many hedgehogs and would encourage gardeners and landlords to help further by ensuring that there is easy access in and out of gardens too - a 13 x 13cm hole at the bottom of boundary fences and walls will create a hedgehog highway that will help hedgehogs get around your neighbourhood.”

Cllr Phil Grove, Leader of Malvern Hills District Council said: “Hedgehogs are in steep decline in the UK so it is really important that we show our support, and do all we can to help prevent hedgehogs being injured by machines”.