District gets a clean up for The Queen

Car parts, half a vacuum cleaner and a dirty nappy were among the items plucked from the district’s streets as residents, councillors and staff from Malvern Hills District Council joined forces to Clean for the Queen.

The specially assembled ‘litter hit squad’ were amongst the thousands of people nationwide out cleaning their communities over the weekend as part of the national campaign to mark Her Majesty’s 90th birthday in April.

The team, including council Chairman Cllr Barbara Williams and Cllr David Watkins, Portfolio Holder for healthier communities, took to the streets on Friday 4 March to tackle rubbish left behind by litter louts on green areas running along Madresfield Road and footpaths around part of Link Ward. In total 20 bags of rubbish were collected.

All of the areas had been identified by residents as ‘grot spots’ they wanted to see cleaned up.

Litter picks also took place in Grimley and Martley where more than 30 bags of rubbish were filled between the two areas. Clean ups are also being held in Upton, Earls Croome, Hanley Castle, Hanley Swan and Tenbury. Further litter picks are planned on 21 and 23 March in Pickersleigh, which has been organised by Fortis Living and will involve pupils from Grove and Great Malvern Primary Schools.

Those taking part were loaned equipment from the council as well as being issued with specially branded Clean for the Queen bags.

Cllr Barbara Williams, Chairman of Malvern Hills District Council, said: “It was a really rewarding experience to help clean up parts of our beautiful district but shocking at the same time to see how much rubbish people do just drop on the floor. Our district is too lovely to litter and our message is simple - put your rubbish in the bin or take it home with you and don’t ruin our wonderful environment.”