Fun and run basketball

Malvern Hills District Council is working with the Sports Partnership Herefordshire and Worcestershire, to deliver Sport England's programme, Sportivate. 

Sportivate is a scheme which aims to get non-sporty 14-25 year olds to take up a new sport with courses typically running for 6-8 weeks. Participants pay £10 for each course and hopefully get more active as a result.  

Fun and Run Basketball is a 6 week course provided by Malvern Hills Buzzards giving people the chance to learn basic skills and techniques and to improve their fitness. Malvern Hills Buzzards have bought the interest of basketball back to Malvern and what better way to learn than from Malvern's best. 

The 6 week course will be at Sport Dyson Perrins every Tuesday between 6pm to 7pm. Choose when you would like to start your 6 weeks. If you would like more information on the Fun and Run Basketball course please contact Gareth Dalley at or George Wathen at 

Gareth Dalley of Malvern Hills Buzzards said "Basketball is a fun, energetic sport which can be played by a wide range of people from all backgrounds in life. There is no better cardiovascular sport out there, so there will be a mix of fitness work and skills work within all sessions". 

George Wathen of Malvern Hills District Council said "These sessions are perfect for those that are looking to get fit and play basketball. Being taught by qualified coaches, you are only going to get the best out of the sessions, so hurry up and secure your place".

Malvern Buzzards Basketball are gradually becoming more and more popular so this activity will provide a stepping stone to those that are interested in carrying on the sport after the 6 sessions.

Malvern Hills District Council also offers other sporting activities like Indoor Rock Climbing and Tennis. To find out more visit our Sportivate page or contact George Wathen on 01684 862372 or by e-mail at