Improved Ward Budget scheme

An improved two-part Ward Budget scheme for the next year was agreed with cross-party support at a council meeting on the 13th May to enable Councillors to better support community engagement in their Wards.

The scheme allows each Councillor to spend up to £500 in the next 12 months in support of community projects in their Ward. Additionally, a supplementary fund of £20,000 will enable Councillors to bid for up to £5,000 for a Capital Ward Project.
The scheme will be reviewed annually and be monitored by a panel consisting of the Leader of the Council, the Council's Head of Resources and a nominated member from each of the three political groups.
A Member's Ward Budget scheme was trialled in 2012 but suspended after 15-months. 
This innovative new scheme resurrects the initial ideas behind the trial, but also now gives Members access to a larger capital amount if they can demonstrate that a local project meets the Council's current strategy and objectives.