Planning enforcement in Tenbury

MHDC has taken action over an unauthorised business and an earth bund, which were causing concerns for residents attracting a number of complaints. Residents complained of noise and general disturbance, and the bund being an inappropriate feature considered harmful to the landscape character of the area.

Mr Tom Williams, 12 Wheeler Orchard, Tenbury Wells, aged 27, used an agricultural building at Eardiston as a steel fabrication business and also constructed an earth bund on the site. MHDC remain unsure what the bund was there for, but are clear that he did run the business and had the bund installed without the necessary approvals for changing the use of the building and the land.

Mr Williams has been ordered to pay a total of £700 in fines, £340 costs and a victim surcharge of £50 by Worcester Magistrates Court when the case was heard on 6 November 2014.

Councillor Melanie Baker, portfolio holder for planning at MHDC said "We are committed to encouraging economic development, but we will not tolerate breaches to planning regulations, especially where they have a negative impact on residents and businesses locally. We will always seek to work with people to achieve the best outcome, but if that is not possible we will not shy away from prosecuting. We're pleased that this action has had the desired effect."

The defendant was prosecuted for failing to adhere with enforcement notices issued by MHDC requiring him to stop using the building for steel fabrication. MHDC also requested the removal of the unsightly earth bund associated with the business, because of the visual impact on those living near to the site. MHDC is pleased to confirm that work has since ceased and the bund has been removed.