Proposals on shared management arrangements go to Councils

MHDC and Wychavon will make a decision on senior management arrangements at Council meetings later this month.

The proposals are the result of a key objective set for Jack Hegarty when he was appointed to the shared CEX/MD post and recommend slight tweaks to the senior management arrangements for the two councils to build resilience and savings.

The proposals will see three key changes to the structures and importantly will mean no redundancies for either council.

The recommended changes are:

  1. That the currently vacant Head of Housing and Planning role at Wychavon be shared across both councils and is filled by the Head of Housing, Planning and Economy at MHDC.
  2. That responsibility for economy moves to Wychavon's Head of Community Services who will manage the function for both councils.
  3. That the Head of Resources posts at both councils be deputy roles to the CEX/MD – this is already in place at Wychavon so only changes at MHDC.

Jack Hegarty, MD and CEX for MHDC and Wychavon said "These proposals are set to save at least £35,000 per council. They will increase resilience and expertise across both councils and it will improve the way we deliver services. If agreed, they will also mean no redundancies."

The proposals go to Wychavon on 17 March and MHDC on 19 March and more detailed papers are available online for Wychavon here and Malvern here.