School pupil hopes new speed sign will slow down motorists

Motorists driving through Hanley Swan are being met with a new plea to slow down thanks to a local school pupil.

Hanley Swan Primary School joined forces with Malvern Hills District Council and PCSO Lisa Freeman to launch a competition to design a new speed awareness sign for the area.

It followed concerns raised by the school about the speed of traffic travelling along Welland Road.

Lawrence Costello was the overall winner of the competition for his design of a boy holding a speed limit sign and the words ‘No more than 30mph in Hanley Swan’.

The six-year-old’s design has now been professionally produced and put up in various locations around the village as a warning to drivers to kill their speed.

The new signs were officially unveiled as part of the recent day of action organised by West Mercia Police and Malvern Hills District Council.

When asked why it was important motorists slowed down Lawrence said ‘because they might crash’.

Cllr Bronwen Behan, responsible for community safety on Malvern Hills District Council, said: “I was very impressed with Lawrence’s design and it sends the perfect message to motorists travelling through Hanley Swan. The risk of death is four times higher if a pedestrian is hit at 40mph than at 30mph.

“Hopefully, motorists will take notice of these new signs and slow down.”